Dating Tips and Relationship Advice

Celebrity dating coach Willis Combs has been helping single men and women for over 10 years. He provides dating and relationship advice in a no-nonsense fundamental approach to dating. He has helped thousands of singles all over the world and clients have included; the rich and famous, business executives, athlete’s, stay at home mom’s …  […]

How To Approach Women – The Psychology of Women

It’s mission critical that you understand the psychology of women, and how their mind works. One of the most common mistakes when approaching women, is putting them on a pedestal. The unavoidable truth is women drop monstrous, rancid, and fowl turds out of their butt, just as we do. They’re human beings, and more so […]

How To Talk To Women

When your talking to women you want to be warm and engaging. You can do this by smiling, maintaining good eye contact, listening to her, and by relaxing. Those vibes your feeling, be it insecurity or overflowing confidence, will influence her. If you struggle with how to be confident around women, it can help to […]

Dating a Woman with Kids – The 3 Most Common Mistakes

Below, we have listed the 3 most common complaints about men when dating a woman with kids. Along, with how best to avoid making these attraction ending sins. 1. Smothering Her It’s important not to smother her when you’re first getting to know her. Give her plenty of space and time to respond to your […]

Dating Tips for Men – You Exist In Her World

In the beginning, of a relationship with any woman, you exist in her world! Regardless, if it is your first date, second date, third date, or the first time she reads your online dating profile. Your existence is all from her perspective. And in her eyes. How Does She See You? If you have been […]

Dating a Single Mom In a Brave New World

We are living in a brave new world when it comes to dating a single mom. According to statistics 53% of women aged 15-44 were mothers in 2010. It has become the norm to have a mixed family with step parents, step brothers, step cousins, etc. This is not a bad thing! Let’s start, by […]

How To Meet Women – 5 Conversation Starters

The most common question we hear from men is: “How do I start a conversation when I’m out meeting women?” You have probably discovered, pickup lines just don’t work. Maybe, your good talking to her but just need some help, breaking the ice. Your in luck, below we have listed the 5 best conversation starters, […]

How To Approach Women – 7 Tips

Look, attractive women are intimidating, bottom line! However, in order to meet women, we must approach them! Below, you’ll find the 7 keys tips to help overcome approach anxiety. 1. Be Confident The next time you’re wondering how to approach women you must clear your mind and relax. It’s essential that you believe, and act […]