How To Approach Women – 7 Tips

how to approach women imageLook, attractive women are intimidating, bottom line! However, in order to meet women, we must approach them! Below, you’ll find the 7 keys tips to help overcome approach anxiety.

1. Be Confident

The next time you’re wondering how to approach women you must clear your mind and relax. It’s essential that you believe, and act in a way that displays, you’re one of the best men on earth. This will make you appear confident in her eyes.

I’m sure you have heard women talk about how sexy a confident guy is. This is who you can be, if you believe it.

2. Be In Control

Take the lead in your conversation with her. Ask her questions about herself. And make sure to answer the questions you ask her, about yourself.

By answering your own questions, it will help her avoid feeling like she is being interviewed. In addition, she will really feel like she is getting to know you.

3. Create a Bubble With Her

In your interaction with her, try to exist in a different reality. It doesn’t matter if your in a crowded bar or in a secluded park.

You want to create a unique connection with her and forget about your surroundings. If you can do the following it will help tremendously:

  • Use good eye contact
  • A lot of smiling
  • Actually listen to her
  • Being warm and welcoming

4. Conversation Is Key

When your talking to women you want to try to find a common ground, a common topic, a common interest, and a common dream. Human nature shows the we like people, that are like us.

If you can find something in common with her, it is much more probable that she will like you. And be interested in going out with you.

5. Be Yourself

Have you heard the saying its better to be a first-rate version of yourself, than a second rate version of someone else?

The characteristics that make you unique, are the things that make you interesting. You don’t want to be like every other guy, when approach her. Instead, you want to be someone that is different.

6. Be Comfortable

Look, when women are approached by guys they feel nervous, she is likely just as nervous as you. It’s normal and natural to feel the butterflies, and if you need to go double check in the mirror to make sure you don’t have food stuck in your teeth, but keep moving forward.

It is important to display a level of comfort on the outside, regardless of how you may feel on the inside. This will make your interaction with her much more relaxed and natural.

7. Play The Numbers

There is an endless supply of single women. If you screw up when you approach one woman, who cares! I bet you won’t make the same mistake twice. One helpful saying that has helped me over the years has been:

“Don’t chase women, just replace them.”

When you do screw up approaching women, like I have so many times. Learn from it and forget it. At the end of the day, at least you tried. It is much better to have tried, than to wonder if only you had tried. I prefer the cementing of failure and more often success, than wishing if only I had just tried.

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