How To Find The Right Girlfriend

Looking to find the right girlfriend, to spend the rest of your life with, but having difficulty? There are a couple factors I encourage you to consider.

1. What Are You Really Looking For In A Girl?

It is not enough, to just think about what you really want. Instead you should take a few minutes and write down a couple of characteristics you are looking for in a good woman. Such as: kindness, empathy, supportive, affectionate …

It is important to figure this out because this gives you a basic guideline in order to judge the girls you meet, and determine if a woman is right for you and worth pursuing or not.

For example if one of the things you wrote down was, you want a woman that is ready for a serious relationship and children, then it would not be ideal, for you to go bar hopping trying to meet women that are out drinking.

Not to say that women in a bar drinking don’t want children, however there are much more effective and easier methods to not only meet quality girls but to meet any girls, then going out to the bars.

Instead it would make much more sense to focus your efforts more on online dating women because that way you can learn a little bit about her before you spend the time and money to buy her a drink and get together.

2. What Do You Plan To Give In Exchange For The Right Girl?

This is by far more important because it is not about you, and what you get out of relationship. Don’t get me wrong that is very important, however it is more important in a healthy relationship for both you and your partner to want to put the other person first.

So just like with step one, spend a moment and think about what you plan on giving and write it down, this will tremendously help you on the next step.

3. Focus On The Positives

Whether you have slept with hundreds of women or are a virgin, in order to get a girl to like you and ultimately date you,  a woman that you are really happy with, you need to have the correct mental perspective.

For example one of my biggest challenges was faultfinding and ‘humanizing’ women. In other words, for me when I would go on a first date with a woman, almost immediately I would begin to find things that made her human or not perfect for me.

Recently, I briefly dated a bio statistician and decided that she was too geeky, intellectual and ultimately not a match for myself.

The reality is there are many good quality attractive characteristics about this girl such as; intelligence, ambition, good job, very attractive, easy going, fun loving…

I should have focused on these good quality features about her. Instead of one simple characteristic, that she was too intellectual and view that as a bad thing.

Ultimately if she hadn’t been as intelligent I probably would have found fault in her not being intelligent enough.

The Real Problem

The real problem wasn’t with the girl, the problem lay within myself. It took me a long time, a lot of loneliness, and a lot of frustration to finally come to this understanding that you must truly and genuinely want to be attracted to a woman you’re dating.

Clearly, this does not apply to all women. However there are plenty of good quality, loyal, marriage worthy women that are looking for a man just like you.

I can only hope that you have found some insight in the story of my own frustration and despair and problems that lay within me in my search for the right girl.

Once I was able to recognize and correct these issues within myself I almost immediately started a relationship with one of the greatest woman I have ever met, and am still dating her.

This excitement, anticipation, and blissful state of dating an awesome woman is almost entirely due to me finally, using some humility looking myself in the mirror and taking action to improve myself and to get the life I want.

I can today say that I have both hands tightly grasped around the right girl for me and I sure hope you are able to soon too!

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