How To Attract Women

There is a thin line between coming across as arrogant or having confidence with women. Guys that appear arrogant are full of themselves and cocky and seen as unattractive by women.

But, the men that appear insecure and lack that elusive confidence and self assurance are also viewed as unattractive!

How Do You Find The Right Balance?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this, instead you are going to have to mold and adapt to each and every woman you meet.

When in doubt I encourage you to error, on the side of arrogance, as you can easily explain this away. Instead, of being viewed as insecure as this is almost a surefire deal breaker when your dating women.

Three Key Tips to Attract Women

1. Being Too Nice

One of the biggest mistakes men make with dating women is they are overly nice. Men often will:

  • Hold the door open
  • Pay for dinner
  • Always be someone she can talk to
  • And bend over backwards for her

Don’t take this the wrong way. I am not telling you to mistreat women, however you cannot be too nice. At least not in the beginning.

There is a time when you can do all these things for her and she will truly and genuinely appreciate them, and it will make you most effective with attracting women.

In the beginning of your relationship, if you do all these nice things you’ll be viewed as an insecure guy that lacks that elusive and attractive confidence!

Instead, in the first few weeks and your first dates with her, don’t open the door, don’t always offer or immediately pick up the check, don’t tell her she looks nice, etc. Instead, wait to do those things.

I promise she will be much more attracted to you, if you do them later when you two are in a relationship.

2. Are You Too Available

Another very common mistake is men will be to available. What I mean by this is they will call a woman too frequently or text too often and it appears to her that either you are, desperate and insecure.

If you call her leave a message and give for 2 or 3 days to return your call or contact you. If you call her too often you are being overbearing and incredibly unattractive.

You want it to appear that you are interested in her but that you have a life of your own and are not emotionally dependent, too early.

3. How To Be Confident

If you ask a woman what confidence is in a man, she would have a hard time describing it. But almost universally all women find confidence attractive.

While women have a hard time describing it, I don’t! Being confident with women, is being sure of yourself. Being sure that you are being listened to when you speak.

Being able to comfortably hold your ground and position in a conversation with a woman, child, or even grandmother. Women are not looking for a man that needs to be reassured, or called 18 times a day to know that she isn’t cheating on him.

Instead, they are looking for a man that does define some of the traditional gender roles and expectations of society such as: not being overly emotional, going out in the world and creating a living for yourself, being intelligent and doing the right thing.

Confidence or Arrogance

You are going to have to learn to mold and adapt every time your approaching women, to have the best success. Your ability to do this will directly correlate with the number of women that you go out with.

With some women you will find they have a much shorter qualification for arrogance while other women don’t.

As a earlier mentioned it’s always easier to recover from coming across as arrogant than it is appearing insecure. You need to strive to appear confident.

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