How To Flirt with Women

Are you frustrated trying to flirt with women?

How are some guys able to just ‘hit it off‘ and make friends with women so easy?

These guys have a combination of things. Some are good guys, some aren’t good guys, but to some degree they all posses some of the following seven keys to flirting with girls:

1. Eye Contact

One of the most basic and effective methods to flirt with a woman is simply maintaining eye contact. She assumes you are listening and attentive, just by looking her in the eyes.

2. Smile

Smile at her ALL THE TIME! Smiling is the most attractive side of yourself you can show! When you smile at her you will be seen as outgoing, positive, optimistic¬† ….

3. Be Interested In Her

Show and interest in her by asking her questions about herself. Conversation topics with women include a HUGE variety from; sports, family, work, friends, hobbies … And then answer your own questions, this way she gets to know you as your getting to know her!

4. Connect with Her

Your ultimate goal is to create a unique and genuine connection with her. These three steps will ensure that you are creating a connection, this is what women are looking for in a man, a unique connection!

Plus, when you meet women and they feel the connection just like you, then you both will be off to a great start for a potential relationship.

5. Always Close with Her

Always close. If you have approached a girl, and your still interested in her after talking, always ask for her number. You got nothing to lose and the regret of not asking is worth than rejection! And you may be surprised, I have been!

6. Never Compliment

Can’t forget, never compliment a girl until a second or third date.


Because complimenting on your first date with a woman, will not be seen as genuine or sincere. And it will make you appear desperate.

Further when you wait and compliment after a few dates it will mean a lot more to you and it will be sincere!

7. Stand Out and Be Different

Stand Out from the crowd. You want to be different from every other guy that she has meet or approached her. You want to create that connection with her, you want her to feel like you really listen and your really understand.

And if she feels that way, then hopefully you do too. This should be a two way street and the goal at the end of the day is to find that special woman that is right for you.

If you can use even just a few of these seven keys to flirting with girls you will have massive success with women. There are A LOT of women that want to date you, want you to ask them out, want you to talk to them.

What are you waiting on? Remember, as a man many of us have a limited sexual lifetime without the help of the magic “blue pill.”

Have fun, meeting women and flirting with them. If you are positive, upbeat and enjoying life. I guarantee women will be attracted to you and interested in you! Many women ALREADY ARE! Go talk to these women!

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