How To Pick Up Girls At a Bar – 7 Steps To Attract Women

There are 7 essential keys to picking up women at a bar. If you follow these 7 steps you will pick up more girls than any of the other men you are competing with.

If your not aware, when you go to the bar. You are in a competition for a woman’s attention with every other guy at the bar.

1. Be 12 Feet Tall

Believe that every girl at the bar wants to talk to you, and is interested in dating you. You’re a great guy!

2. Body Language To Attract Women

Your body language forecasts to the rest of the world the way you feel about yourself. If you don’t feel confident around women, don’t feel comfortable, and get nervous this will come through in your body language.

3. Ooze, Overflow, And Pour Out Confidence

Studies have found that women are most attracted to men that are happy on a first date. It is key that you are appear to women that you are positive happy, outgoing, enthusiastic, and enjoying life.

This is done through your self-confidence. And your body language is the best way to show women this. Make sure that you are smiling, laughing, and don’t have a frown on your face.

4. Eye Gazing

Some call eye gazing, others call it the copulatory smile’s. But this just means that when you meet a girl and are talking to women you should maintain good eye contact and smile a lot.

5. Play The Numbers

No matter who you are, at some point in time you will be approaching women and she will…

  • Have a boyfriend
  • Be stuck up
  • Be a witch
  • You will get flustered and humiliate yourself
  • And worst of all she will reject you

It sounds like common sense but the more women you talk too. The more women you will attract.

6. Learn From Rejection

When things go wrong take a moment to reflect at your interaction with a woman. Did something go wrong?

  • Did you creep her out?
  • Did you sound like a sex crazed maniac?
  • Did you come on too strong?

If you did everything you know best, then forget about it. If you did screw up somewhere in the process when meeting women, take note, and I’ll bet that you won’t make the same mistake twice.

7. Always Ask For Her Number

I typically say …

“Do you want to get together sometime?”

Occasionally instead I will say

“You want to get together for a cup of coffee or a drink sometime?”

This is the best way of asking a girl on a date. It has resulted in the best success rate of everything I have tried, and it is a low-pressure casual way to get together with someone.

It is important to ask her out using this casual approach. Regardless if you meet her online, at the mall, the grocery store…

If she says no, then say no problem. If she says she has a boyfriend, then say …

Awesome good luck to you guys, and if you want you can tell her to just take your asking her out as flattery.

But if you pushed down the butterflies to go and approach women at the bar, then you should always at least ask for her number. You got nothing to lose! And will probably never see her again!

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