How To Talk To Women and Keep Her Interested

When you are talking with girls you want to display your most attractive features and characteristics. You want to try and create a genuine and sincere connection with a girl during your conversation.

This is the only way to keep her interested in you, and talking to you! Below you will find the three keys to keeping her interest and having a good conversation with women.

1. Eye Contact and Smiling

The most effective way of creating a connection with a woman, is by maintaining eye contact and smiling. By smiling at her you will be showing her the most attractive version of yourself.

Additionally by maintaining eye contact you will be able to show that you’re interested in her. And she will feel that you are really listening to her which is obviously a good idea!

2. Show An Interest In Her

Next, you must show a genuine and sincere interest in her. This is accomplished best by asking a girl questions about herself.

Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, so if you have her talking about herself and sharing herself, she will feel like you’re really getting to know her and are interested in what she has to say.

3. Ask Her Follow Up Questions

However it is not enough to just ask her basic questions such as; where she is from, how long she’s been living here, where her family lives, what she does for work… Instead, when you ask her one of these questions you must follow it up with two or three more questions.

For Example:

Let’s say you ask her where she is from? She responds that she is from Boston. Next, you need to ask her how long she’s been living here, how does she like it here, what brought her out here, if her family is from here …

Typically I recommend two to three follow up questions and then you must answer your own questions. Using the same example you would say “yes, I’ve been living in Boston for the past three years, I came out here for work I love it here” for example.

This way she feels like she is getting to know you, when you answer your own questions. As well as you are getting to know her when you’re asking her questions.

You will also be showing that you are genuinely interested in her because you are asking follow up questions. You will also be viewed as having a positive outgoing attitude, because you’re smiling! She will also see you as confident because you are maintaining eye contact with her!

It will help if you plan mental conversation topics, before you go and start approaching women. For example, before you go out and start talking to women you should think of two or three topics to begin a conversation with.

This will give you a solid place to start your conversation but you also will have two or three other topics to discuss. This is incredibly helpful, when you run out of conversation material and awkward silence ensues.

Surprisingly, women aren’t that much different than men. However you don’t want her to feel like she is doing you a favor by having a conversation with you. Instead you should expect her to want to talk with you, and if she doesn’t, it is her loss.

It is a fact, you are one of the good genuine and sincere men in the world and are wanting to meet the right girl. Who we are, what we want, our dreams, and our goals in life are all things that women just like men want someone to share with.

In every conversation you have with a woman you should look back and critique yourself. Examine the rough spots, and the smooth spots and obviously try to minimize the negative and increase the positive.

And remember pickup lines never work at best you can hope for a laugh and then you will still need to introduce yourself or start a conversation. I recommend walking up to her smiling, introducing yourself, and then asking her questions.

There is great scene in the movie Swingers where John Faverou is being told by Vince Vaughn to approach this girl and that women know why men approach them. It is true there is no need or reason to hide your intent, especially if all it is to have a conversation with with a girl. I have talked and innocently flirted with many single and unavailable women.

Don’t ever get involved with another guy’s wife or girlfriend as that is a sure way to find trouble but there are plenty of women you can still talk too that are unavailable and you should for two reasons.

  • It is always practice
  • They will often try and set you up with a single or multiple single girlfriends

In other words, they can supply you with quality girls to date and and a referral. This will give you a great start with your future date!

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