Looking For the Right Woman?

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Will I Ever Find The Right Woman?”

Are you sick of wasting your time, feelings, and even money on the wrong girls? I sure have grown sick of it!

Yup, me too! The dating guy from TV, Willis Combs. I have had

 my heart broken many times!

It makes you just want to give up and 

quit. Instead, of continuing the frustrating search to find and date a good girl!

My Recent Heartbreak


I started a relationship with an awesome woman, 

she is a veterinarian. And drop dead gorgeous, 
5’6″, blonde, absolutely beautiful.

It got serious and I thought she might be the right girl for me.

But then cynical side of me, says the same

 thing went wrong with her, as did with every woman in my past. I got to know her.

She really isn’t that bad. However, I have no

 doubt that a life with her would be misery for


I’m not going to share with you all the gory 

details, here. 

But she provided me with more than enough evidence 

that she is not a woman I can trust with my love.

Getting over an ex girlfriend is a difficult process but important none the less. You should also review and examine the expectations

 you have for the right woman, but then you must 

take these expectations and stick to them while dating women! Your

 alternative is a lifetime with the wrong woman!

Reasons To Keep Looking For the Right Woman

1. It’s Worth It

When you find the right woman and get a good girlfriend, it will make all

 the rejection, time, money, and feelings you spent

 on the wrong women, worth it. A saying that helps me is …


“It is infinitely better to be alone and happy, 

than together and unhappy.”

Can you imagine if you gave up on love and instead 

settled for the wrong woman? Maybe you have, but 

let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.

2. Look For What Your Want In a Woman

If you’re looking to meet women that you can love 

and create a future with it is essential that you have some general idea of who that woman is. 

I don’t necessarily mean brown hair, B cup

breasts, 5’6″, etc.

Instead personality characteristics

 such as: nice, caring, compassionate, generous,

 understanding … Not to say that physical

 attraction is not important, it is!

But we all grow old, develop wrinkles, put on some 

extra weight. True and real love is for the long

term, not a momentary physical attraction.

Stick With It and Don’t Settle

I firmly believe the number one reason for marriage and eventual divorcee is because people feel the pressure to get married. This pressure comes at every age after 20 years old, and it is especially strong on those without children.

As men we are expected to have a family, provide, even in our modern age of thinking. Just look at tips for a first date with a girl, according to the dating experts if women offer to pay for everything, chances are she is not that into you!

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