Online Dating Tips – Profile & Headline Examples

Want the best results from online dating? OF COURSE!

Then follow these online dating tips and you will STAND OUT to all the right people you want to attract and date online!

  • Online Dating is Like Advertising and Sales

With online dating you are selling yourself! It is 100% marketing and sales!

Why This is a Good Thing …

First, it is important that you keep in mind your audience. If you are a woman you should think about how your pictures and profile appear to the men you want to date online, and vice a versa.

Grab Their Attention!

Think about it, or go do an online dating search. When you search for someone, your results will include anywhere from 10 dating profiles to 30 profiles per page, and thousands of pages to choose from.

This means that your dating profile is not just competing with the other thousands of singles.

But you have only a split second to stand out on a search results page with 10 – 30 other people.

If you can NOT get an online dating searchers attention and your profile to stand out, your not going to get many online dates! If you have any doubt, go overboard, have fun, and below are a few examples …

Dating Profile Headline Examples:

  • Are You The One?
  • Did You Know ….
  • We Could Be …
  • Part time fantasy football player … full time awesome guy / girl
  • I Love Them, Not Could I Love You …
  • Bowling, Backyard Wrestling, & Jersey Shore
  • No Shirt, No … ME
  • No Pics, No Date with Me
  • If You Can Guess
  • 1 in 1,000,000
  • 9 out of 10 …
  • I DON’T wear Pink Shirts

There are MILLIONS and you should test and try a few different dating profile headlines. Have fun, be creative and you can always change it. Just remember …

Your Goal Is To Get Their Attention And Get Them To Look At Your Dating Profile.

Questions are great to use, shocking statements, numbers. If you can’t get their attention, your not going to get the results you want. Simply because no one is going to spend the time reading your dating profile.

Sell Yourself … EVERY Single Word

I’m not saying you have to like this idea. But it is the uncomfortable TRUTH!

The better you can sell yourself, and show your personality through the written word, the more online dating success you will see.

I can personally assure you even in small cities, like my own, meeting women online has been a great way for me to get to know some really great girls!

Even my cousin meet her husband online, and we have all heard great stories of successful relationships.

Did You Know? Not Everyone Is Looking For That Special Someone With Online Dating?

Think of your dating profile as a product description. What is great about your product, who is right for your product (it’s not everyone), who is not right for you, what your product needs and expects.

In other words, we are all at different people and at different places in the journey of life. Some people have come to online dating to casually date or maybe because they are trying to get over an ex.

Some people are looking for the right woman or man, and some people are just looking for a good person to spend time with.

It is important that you tell your readers what it is that your looking for. This way you won’t waste your time and energy on the wrong people.

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